Social Media: A Relationship Threat?

     Social media commands much of our attention.  We are all very focused on the various content. We enjoy seeing what our friends are doing. We like to share our thoughts and pictures of our activities too.
    But sometimes those connections can become a threat. For example, what happens when your spouse or significant other starts looking at his old girlfriend’s pictures?  Or your wife looks up her old boyfriend to see what he’s doing “just out of curiosity”?
    Most people regard such interactions as affairs. Most find that their spouse begins spending more and more time and energy looking at that other person’s activities. They may appear to be more distracted or less interested in you or your activities.
      If this should occur, it becomes very important to work on rebuilding your relationship. If your relationship is strong, no one can get in between you and create problems. All relationships go through ups and downs. All relationships have their problems.
     When you see your relationship faltering, it is essential to get counseling help. When I work with you, I emphasize that the goal is to rekindle your early relationship excitement. We want to get the sparks flying again between you.  And I also focus on teaching you new tools to improve your communication. Working on your relationship requires time and energy, but rewards you in many ways!

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