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I really enjoy working with relationships and repairing them. A colleague once asked me what I would do if working with an individual person and not a couple or family?

Well, I still focus on relationship issues because I believe that we are all influenced by the relationships around us. Your values, goals and behaviors are influenced a great deal by your families. Your jobs are affected by your work relationships. You desire to have relationships with friends, and most of you wish for a meaningful relationship with a significant other.

So, your relationships often dictate how lonely or happy you are, or how successful you are, or how much meaning you have in your lives. Therefore, when one of your relationships is in trouble, you struggle. You feel isolated, depressed and lonely.

Since I believe that relationships are so central to your functioning and your happiness, I am so glad that I have the training and knowledge to repair relationships. Sometimes your problem may seem unrelated to relationships in your life. I can still address those hurdles with you and help you learn new ways to cope. Give you new tools and hope. I like to help you learn that things can be different in your future.

Sometimes this involves examining old patterns that you may have learned in your family. Sometimes we look at current relationships in your life and how to restructure those. The bottom line, I believe, is that if you are unhappy, or anxious, much of those feelings are related to not having your needs met, or not being able to adequately express those needs and wishes to those around you.

Therefore, whether you want to address your difficult concerns on your own or with a family member or significant other, I will help you look at your issues in a larger context and find successful ways to make the needed changes.

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