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Nurturing Your Relationship

Research indicates that people in relationships live longer and are healthier. That’s partly why we seek someone to be in a relationship with and why we try to nurture our relationships. We like someone to do things with, to go places with and to share our experiences. We also seek the support of our significant other when we are struggling with something in our lives. But so often our relationships get stuck.

Why are relationships so complicated? If they are so good for us, why do they create so much turmoil?

I believe in relationships. That’s why I enjoy working with them. I believe the “magic” is always there, but it just gets buried sometimes when life presents difficult challenges. That’s why as your couple Psychologist, I like to act as your coach and teacher as you learn about your relationship and how to make it better. I believe it is important to provide tools to help you repair. I think you need specific ideas about communicating differently, learning to listen, and tools to fight more constructively. These tools will also help you in the future if you encounter difficult times.

Using techniques related to couple and family systems theory, looking at patterns and actively teaching more constructive interactions will help to strengthen your relationship and put it back on a healthy track.

If you need assistance with the following issues, please contact me. I can help.

Communication difficulties 
Divorce or re-adjusting after divorce 
Remarriage and how to blend your families 
Premarital Issues or concerns

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